Moveable Accurate

Moveable Accurate is a system which generates works for performances which generates new works for new performances – it is a circular displacing system. It can with advantage be played in a room consisting of several rooms sitting round a table able to drive by itself ten meters per hour. Moveable Accurate is played as a group and requires two to eleven participants.

Moveable Accurateis written by yoyooyoy (Andreas Führer, Anders Lauge Meldgaard, Toke Tietze Mortensen og Johannes Lund), Rasmus Graff, and Claus Haxholm § 1. edition was printed in danish in 50 copies, and was distributed during Palace Party at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, the 5th of March in 2011 where Moveable Accurate was performed by its creators and guds söner (Leif Elggren og Kent Tankred) § This edition is translated from the danish by Simon Bjørkman, Andreas Führer, Heine T. Mathiasen, and Rasmus Röhling (original danish title: Bevægeligt Akkurat) § Printet at Huset in Aarhus, Denmark § Released and distributed by Edition After Hand § isbn 978-87-90826-35-2

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